My Personal Insane Asylem!!
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2001-09-14 21:36:36 (UTC)

This is me!

Yes, this is my Diary, where I write down my weird thoughts
etc etc.
Anywayz, I'm called Frankie and I'm 14 and I'm also
starting to think this entry is gonna bore everyone who
reads it.
Well, I found this place 'cos my friend Matt has a Diary
and, well, I thought it looked like fun! If you want to go
to his Diary his user name's Snory. BUT, my life is not
entirely confined to the net (only mostly) and I have a
bessie mate called Becka who I should mention because,
well, I should.
Okay, well, basically the rest of my life sucks, I go to
school (well duh) which sucks even more (mainly 'cos it's
school and I actually have to use that thing inside my
skull). I don't really know what I'm gonna do with this
diary. I doubt I'll write something EVERY day but hey, you
never know. One day I'm just me, the next day there could
be two of me!
*most sane people run in fear*
As you can probably tell I have low self esteem. And, umm,
I've run out of good stuff to say. :( I should probably go
before I say something I'll regret. Hee hee.
Okay, this is Frankie over and out.

P.s. I'm sleepy!