Bisexual Life, basic i guess
2001-09-14 21:25:18 (UTC)

First time writing. . . .

Hmmm, I guess I was inspired to do this because my
girlfriend, I'll call her Shakee, Has been keeping one. I'm
just doing this so that she can see how much I love her!
I'll write my thoughts... even if they are harsh, cause i
guess It's mine, and she really doesn't know about it yet.
and when she reads it for the first time... she'll check
out this entry and ill include this line so that she knows
i love her.


Well, since im not fully aquainted with this thingy yet...
ill write about me... fill ya'll in on me, and tell you
about he wonderful SHAKEE!! First the more important

ok, well she is the most important thing in my life!! She
is 15 right now... As am i, and I already want to be with
her forever!! She agree's with this.... I love her soo
much. She seems to think im perfect!! Boy, is she ever off!!
She fails to realize that she is the perfect one!! My
god... she is perfect!! You guys all have to see a pick of
her!! OMG (oh my god)! she is so hot!! If you didnt know
this yet, Im a bisexual female that lives in the usa. I met
her online, and fell in love with her like a week after
knowing her. But there was a slight problem emy(shakee's
ex) see, she was really really mean to her... I loved her
soo much. and Emy just treated her like crap!! See, i
wanted her to be happy, and she said she was with emy. So i
was like "ok, but as soon as you aren't happy..." Well it
was a while, and Shakee kept getting all upset and
everything! Cause Emy kept cheating on her, So emy and i
had a bit of a going out!! which turned out to be a good
tihng, because finally i won shakee's heart!! and now I try
to do everything in my power to make her happy!! and emy
and i are friends.

Now for me. My life revolves around Shakee....... my
friends hate me for this!! I swear! All i talk about is
her! and she means every thing to me!! As i said, i'm 15
years old and she means so much to me that id give my life
for her! I would kill anyone who would ever try to hurt
her, and would beat the SHEET out of anyone who tried to
even lay a finger on her. I recently got to read her
journal, she let me, FINALLY!!! see, for some reason she
thought some of the things she said about me would upset
me! Boy was she wrong!! The only thing in there that even
bothered me was that she called herself ugly!! OMG!! YOU
is my internet gf, which, at the drop of a hat, id run away
with and give her everything she ever wanted. ha ha ha ha,
im suposed to be talking about myself, and im talking about
her!! Thats what i do with my friends too! Well, Im 5'6"
right now, and i am the ugly one!! long brown hair/which im
gonna get cut soon, brown eyes/dark, big nose!!,big hands,
very pale(i could pass for a goth, without wearing makeup),
I scare easy.... my legs are gonna be fucked up this year
(due to misquito bites, lucky for me, scares dont stay long
just for like a few months....then they're gone). and thats
about it for now, oh yeah, i have really bad asthma/not
alergic to animals, just cant run too much. and thats
it.... i suck!! see, and yet shakee loves me for some odd
reason! ummm, I used to hang out with the popular kids...
but i realized they're all stuck up majorly (no offence,
you just aren't my type) they always wanted me to play
basketball, but i didnt wanna. Now i hang out with my good
buddies Beff and Tito oh and the new kid Chris is pretty
cool. Talk to Nike alot. Nike's my friend
{who's mega hot/looks like alicia sliverstone.

And for now thats it!! oh, and if you wanna compare things
i talk about to the wonderful shakee's ideas... the go


Or if you have any questions about my thought on a subject,
well then email me! i really dont mind! Especailly if the
subject is Shakee!! God, i love her soo much!!
I'm off now.... Bye