Niki S
2001-09-14 21:17:15 (UTC)

My day!!!!

Dear Diary!

Hey. What's happening? This is my first entry (!!!!!) and I
decided to start it because I need something to lend my
feelings to!!! Lately my life has been bouncing up & down,
so I kinda feel like a basketball! I dunno, somehow things
are a little boring! Except for my friends. I would DIE if
I didn't have Jolene, Candice, Sammy, Tamara & Kelly!
They're really cool. They're not fake, I can trust them,
unlike two girls I happen to know called Lauren & Michelle
R! They're sooooo sneaky!

Well....onto happier topics! Like....ok I know. Lately,
I've been noticing this guy who always STARES at me but
somehow I can tell from the way he looks that it's not a
crush. I think it's something else! BUT WHAT??? Dean is
also driving me up the wall. You see, his friend Gary likes
me & won't take no for an answer. The reason I don't wanna
be with Gary is coz he's very violent & stuff & when he
told me he liked me he was like:"Hey, Nicole. Come here.
Now you see, you gotta give me a chance here, babe"
meanwhile I'd never spoken to him & he's all touchy,
wanting to hug me & stuff. NO WAY!!!!!!!

Well, I guess I should go coz I REALLY need sleep, like
desperately. Feel free to write if you have a prob that's
making you trip. I'm here 24/7

Catch ya later,