Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-01-23 05:06:47 (UTC)

Funky moods

You know when you get in those moods where nothing
can cheer you up? I get in them all the time...and
all I want to do is be alone. But I also don't
want to be alone, hence the funky mood. And
everyone thinks I'm doing better this semester and
I can't really figure out if I'm the same or
worse. Luckily I get to start seeing Brooke again
next thursday, it always helps to talk to someone
and hopefully I can go on some drugs. Sometimes I
think I'm too good at hiding what I'm really
feeling so no one knows if I'm okay or not.
Although know that some people know I was depressed
last semester said they could see it. Gee guys
thanks for asking if I was okay (note: sarcasm). I
really want to do yoga but I shouldn't do it before
I got to will energize me. Anyway thats
all for now.

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