the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-09-14 20:58:52 (UTC)




I am blank .. I am not sure what to say .. I have not
updated in a while but with all this stuff going on in NY I
feel so bad .. I am scared about the world ending .. I feel
really helpless .. I sit in school all day and feel myself
slipping away .. I don't talk to anyone anymore .. I don't
feel very close to anyone .. I am in love with a guy who
lives FAR away .. and I can not do anything about it ..
there is this total hatred for all idots in the world ..
why can no one understand that I am just a normal gurl in
this big world .. who is slipping away .. I am slowly
finding my self in a turmoul .. there is really nothing I
can do to bring myself out of this .. but just wait .. I
know that eventually I will be back to normakl but I need
to get away from earth for a while . I would love to find a
place where I amnormal and everyone eles is odd .. I feel
alone .. and confused .. I hope I will be opkay .. all I
can do is pray !