CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-09-14 20:54:34 (UTC)

Haunted Houses

Well its finally Friday!! yay!! Well I guess I can say
everything that happened last night first...Around 6:30
6:00 somewhere around there. Anthony Alan and Drew came by
and picked me up and we went over 2 Bens house where Jake,
Ben, and that girl her name is Mandy and shes from
Liberty..Well shes seems nice and everything just like
really slutty! I mean she was practically wearing nothing!
I dunno I thought it was gross. I told Ben and Alan I
thought she looked skanky and they both agreed with me! Ben
said all the girls Jake is with though are like that.
Except ya know my girl Krista! So we went into KC and we
were having this game we all kept going fast and passin
each other then cuttin each other off...It was fun but me
and Anthony only got up to 90 MPH. We ended up getting lost
and didnt even go to the hauted houses...Were supposed to
go next week on Thursday instead though so we came back and
on the way home everyone got split up and when me and
Anthony exited he thought they got ahead of us so we were
trying to speed up to catch up with them and it turns out
they were behind us.. It was messed up so Anthony took me
out to Taco Hell and we got home around 10. or I did
anyways. My kitty is asleep onmy lap she looks soo cute!
But anyways...To a different story. This morning when I get
2 school I see Mark and I was like talking to him and he
goes u didnt ever get on-line yesterday. I was like yea I
know I wasnt reallt home cuz like me and other people went
into KC and got lost!! So I didnt get home till like 10. He
was like oh but I ws wondering how did u know I didnt get
on-line u stalker! LOL! So anyways I like him alot! I just
dont think he likes me! :(!! So anyways I see Jessica and
she goes "Oh yea I asked Mark if he would go to Homecoming
with u and he said maybe and that he would talk to u on-
line." So that I guess must have explained the whole on-
line thing. So I have no idea what he gunna say cuz I know
he doesnt know if he wants 2 go or not...So We'll see...I
hope he gets on soon! He has to work tomorrow maybe I'll
make my mom go to the grocery store just so I can see him.
hehe..I want him 2 go to the parade tomorrow morning. I
told him if he did not to wear khaki pants (we're supposed
to wear khaki pants and white shirt and shoes) I told him 2
wear normal pants..haha were gunna get in so much trouble I
told him all them (the percussion) and me and Krista should
since we always get introuble anyways. It would be sweet!I
hope Mark asks me I really do. At lunch today I was talking
to Mark and Cody and Ben and some other people and Brandon
Butcher come up into the group and he goes who is this and
why r u here? Mark goes thats Tiffany (Brandon alreday knew
that though)he goes and why are u here? and Mark was like
because shes my friend and she can be. i felt so special! I
really like him! Well I want him 2 get on then I'll write