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2001-09-14 20:51:04 (UTC)

I'm a little tea-pot ...

there is no point to that title whatsoever.

today sucked, especially compared to yesterday. I was in
too good a mood yesterday. *sigh*

my all-time favorite class was today- internet/webpage
design!! we got to do a 10 slide powerpoint presentation
about our life!! it was soooooooo fun!! i love working
with powerpoint- it's soooooooo much better than those
*other* computers in Walter's class!
**if you didn't catch the sarcasm in that last paragraph,
you should be shot.**
in fact, i'm thinking about shooting that teacher. still
don't know her name- i could give two shits less- ooo,
maybe i could smash her head in with those shitty little
POS comps she makes us use ... now *that*'s got

*sadistic grin* oooooo what i could do to her with those
things ....
great, now my darker side's perked it's pointy ears.
things could get ugly.

*chugs caffiene and watches some Trigun*

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