Visions Of Life
2003-01-23 04:07:55 (UTC)

The Phrase Of The Day Is "Welfare Bitch In Training"

Some people should not be allowed to reproduce... And
perhaps all teenagers should be placed on mandatory birth
control. Then perhaps the world can be spared..

Here is the current situation that has me so pissed off.
My 18 year old cousin is pregnant. She is in highschool.
She refuses to work. She wont go to school. Her
boyfriend/sperm donor is only 16. He doesnt like her. She
cant even take care of her pets. No one in that house
cleans and bugs inhabit their kitchen. They dont clean up
dog shit. She has a horrible temper. Everytime something
upsets her she punches a hole in a wall or hits someone.
She is a spoiled brat. Before her mother died she was in a
wheelchair. Couldnt speak or do anything. My cousin used
to hit, kick and scream at her mom when she was
frustrated. What is she going to do to a little baby when
it wont stop crying? Her dad is thrilled and refuses to
let her give it up for adoption. This baby needs to be
taken away by social services before it gets fucked up or
killed. Hmm.. with no education, no job and her boyfriend
not paying child support, I think she is just going to be
a lazy welfare bitch, living off of others hard work, just
like she does now. It makes me sick. Doesnt the
word "abortion" mean anything anymore? Dont ruin a kids
life just because you are a selfish fool. Oh, she wasnt on
birth control because her mom used to get sick from the
pill.. Hello, there are numerous forms of BC, or better
yet, dont have sex!!!If you arent smart enough to use
birth control, you shouldnt be having sex. But she planned
this. She was hoping to trap her boyfriend into marrying
her! He is only with her because her daddy bought him a
truck and gives him money. It is all madness! Her dad
approved of them fucking. Im sorry but that is sick.
Parents should not be telling their tenagers to have sex
and let it happen under their own roof with parents home.
Its sick! This whole situation is horrible. Maybe she will
miscarry and save this child....