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2003-01-23 04:07:48 (UTC)

Found Someone....

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's finally happened. I have found someone that
likes me for me and we are now officially boyfriend and
girlfriend. We dated for a bit and then one night he asked
me, and of course I said yes. He's great. He's kind,
gentle, sweet. He makes me laugh all the time. I can't stop
smiling around him. He's very handsome in my opinion. But
as I have said before looks do not matter.

I'm hoping to make this relationship last. I would like to
see it turn into something serious. I think we both have
the potential to turn this into something really beautiful
and great. I think it can become a strong, meaningful
relationship. I'm going to work really hard at this. I've
been waiting for so long for someone in this area to show
interest in me and it's finally happened. To let you know
something about him, His name is Brian, he's 17, his
birthday is I think three days after mine, He has brown
hair and these beautiful piercing brown eyes, and the most
wonderful smile. I love to see him smile.

The one stipulation is, I'm scared to be happy. I keep
finding ways to bring myself down. In my heart, I'm so
afraid that if I become happy I'll just be hurt again. I'm
doing the best I can to fight this, and I know I can win. I
don't want my problems to ruin this for me. Not after
everything I've been through and the long wait. No way in
hell. I would like to thank my best friend Brett, for
helping me realize what was going on with me. Thanks Hun!
Luv ya lots! I think with continued support from my friend
and my sister, and continuing to see my therapist I might
just beat this problem. :-)

I have to say I haven't been this happy in a while. A long
while. It feels so good to be liked for my personality, my
mind, basically me. Of course he can't keep his eyes off my
breasts but that's OK, their so big no one cannot look at
them LOL. I feel so beautiful, special.... I feel like a
women. I feel like my opinion, my feeling, everything I say
is important and is wanting to be heard. I no longer feel
ignored, from guys, friends, the world. I'm me again.

I'll write more in here later. Luv y'all!

Have a great day

Ps. Thanks Tabitha for introducing us! Luv ya!

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