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2003-01-23 04:06:09 (UTC)

not a bad day

Ok, so today was a pretty good day. I had some good
deep conversations with some friends i didn't realize i
was that close to. Which I think is pretty cool because
just little conversation makes you realize things and it
adds up. Sometimes you have friends there that you didn't
realize. And it is always good to have more fiends.

I also worked out today, again, and hopefully i can
keep this shit up so i can get bigger for this summer
lifguarding again. Which i can't wait till this summer
because it is gonna be soo straight. But, this groundign
thing sucks, you would think i was used to it because I'm
always groudned, but im not used to it yet. But it's not
like im too grounded like i usually am, or liek other
pople would bhe if they just up and left to atl for the
hell of it and didn't tell their parents.

You know one thing i hate? Is when your interested i
a girl and they're interested in you and then they get
obssesed. Talking about turn ya off real quick. I mean i
don't want a relationship at all right now, just want
someone there to chill, not neccisarily a hoebag fuck
buddy, but you know. Oh well. today was not a bad, day,
not the best day, from a scale 1-4 i give it an 8. well
i'm out, hope everyone has a good day.
Song of the Day: When I'm Gone by 3 Doors down
Tip of the day: Guys - don't start shit just to try to
prove your hard, why the fuck does it matter, and if you
have a problem about me saying this, I'll whoop ur ass.
haha just playin. Girls - You fight over the stupidest
things, he said she said, she hung out with her and what
not, why argue about that shit, just have fun worry abotu
important things.