2001-09-14 20:27:48 (UTC)

wow... what can i say...

i never imagined something like this would happen. it's
crazy. the past four days have been so awkward and sad.
everyone is a little subdued. me being so close, (nj) it
even hits harder than most people. new york is my favorite
place to go and such a big part of it is now lost. and the
pentagon, so much intelligence was lost... there and in new
york, and on the planes... all i know right now is this:

America is strong. We truly are United States. We will make
it through this. God is with us... we just need to
acknowledge Him. We are the bravest country in the world...
and we will not go down without a fight. As a matter of
fact, we will not go down even with a fight. We won't go
down AT ALL. We'll all keep our heads held high and our
feet on the ground. We have the power to make something
good come out of this, and I know it will. We'll come out
on top... and the people involved with this will burn in
Hell for eternity for claiming so many lives. This is far
from over. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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