My So-called Life
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2003-01-23 03:52:46 (UTC)

love is a mystery

geez! eric still hasn't asked me out. my friends at school
r like geez! ok, the surprise thing is getting old, i'm
like ur tellin me! but the good thing, he was hinting and i
might get to go to his prom w/ him! oh and tonight what was
really cool was that pastor had a call for ppl to get
prayed for and 3 young girls about 12 or so came up w/ a
bunch of other ppl up there too. and after a little bit
pastor said he wanted one of the young people to go pray
for them and he called my name, so i went and prayed! it
was awesome! there was also a really hott guy there
tonight, maybe he will come sunday. LOL matt hinson said
aaron wanted me to go to the valentine's banquet w/ him
(ps- its on the general jackson, and colby asked me last
week and i said no) well i said no to aaron, i went w/ his
bro last year, right like i was going to go w/ him this
year!! no way. but i am pretty sure its already full. oh
well. eric didn't want to go cuz he didn't know what it
would b like. h and we r having a superbowl party at our
house sunday, with a ton of ppl coming. i bugged mom for
like the last 2 weeks to invite trent burton (eric's dad
LOL) and mom was like no! and today she said mydream might
come true- the youth was having a superbowl party. i was
like yes! superbowl w/ eric! and we were talking about it
tonight and he said that his mom as having a party so he
prolly wouldn't go! i was like dangit! mom lauged. but
thats prolly it for now, i gotta write more often!