humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2003-01-23 03:34:21 (UTC)


yeah , figures, i wrote that last entry and the next day
me and jason had our first fight... it was so gay- like
seriously it was about how he feels bad or something bout
taking me from my friends when im already doin something
and then we got on the whole everything that happened last
time and i told him that he needed to decide if he was
gonna get over it ornot becuz if not then there was no
point to anything becuz it would all end sometime anyways
becuz it would eat away at our relationship well yeah
hatev, we made up and things were weird for like a day and
then they got better and now he has been so nice to me but
i know damn well that it wont last and i cant get him to go
to turnabout but whatev, i knew before i asked what the
answer was gonna be.
oh and nikki and mike (hernandez) i thnk are like a
thing now which is cool and we started a new semester and
we got new classes and becky is in two of mine which means
i may have to fucking kill myself and chota is in one and
matt hyde is and their all gay but thats ok..... oh but yeah so we
were like at steve garretts house and that is where we spent the
night cuz he had a party and i saw max again and i havent seen him in
along time and yeah he drew a big pic of a dude smoking a j on my arm
and we all like attacked francik with markers and water colors and
meg spilled beer like 18 times it was funny, me andmatt spent the
night in the same room and yeah....i did what it houht i would nver
have thepower to do an dif anyone eer finds out im gonna be fucked...
but yeah so i hgad been at the parry when we got in the fight and iw
as upstairs for lik 30 minutes arguing with him and everyone kept
coming in and listening and being dumb and then when i went back
downstairs there was a bunch of ppl in the kitchen and they were all
whoa were did u come from cuz i had been gone for awhile, at least
they noticed....g2g- peace

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