still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-09-14 19:48:28 (UTC)

Where do I begin...

Well let me try to summarize the events of the last few
weeks. Jason broke up with his girlfriend...told her that
he wanted to be with me...We moived into a duplex in City
Heights...I love him but he yells too much..thgis is a
problem...he also expects me to do EVERYTHGING around the
house(my keyboard sucks, sorry)He emailed me today though
and told me that he's try to help out more. We got a new dog
(retriever mix 8 months old)that is Jason's dog... I am
allergic and have to live on allergy pills aside from that
I had to clean up dog pee twice at 4 o'clock and 4:30 this
morning...I was none too happy about that. My biggest
complaint about him is that he expects me to do everything
because he says he works hard but so do I...he gets home at
3:30 and I get home at 7:30 and I don't get a chance tyo
sit down til about 10:00 because I'm too busy feeding the
dogs, making dinner, cleaning the house, doing
laundry ,doing dishes, etc...while he smokes bong load
after bong load.I just wish he treated me with more
appreciation... We went to Magic Mountain and Hurricane
Harbor last weekend and had a wonderful was so
much fun.I want us to last but he has some serious maturing
to do and I'm not getting any younger or slimmer and still
have bald spots...He used to be way more understanding than
he is now and he says it's because I hurt him so bad before
and he never loved anyone like he loved me...he really was
obsessed. Anyway I just figured out how to get online at
work so I'll try to write more,,,Jason doesn't trust me
online even though I don't do shit.Well later.