Rant with Shady
2001-09-14 19:46:50 (UTC)


I'm going to a candlelight vigil tonight in Madison. It's
gonna be at the Capitol and there's a huge turnout
expected. Madison is *finally* getting back into the swing
of things after being practically shut down Tuesday. The
Capitol was evacuated and closed, classes at the university
were cancelled, the airports grounded, etc., etc.
I only live 40 some miles from Madison and the WTC attack
closed down boring little Janesville for a while. Our
piddly-ass little town shut down the mall, the banks, the
post office... The only places you could go were the fast
food joints and fuckin Home Depot. *Yawn!* I'm glad things
are back to normal (in a way). Theres still the sad stories
and rehashed plane crash footage on the news but I think
the country is slowly coming out of shock... only to come
into combat mode. People are so pissed and ready to
fight... its INSANE.
This vigil tonight is gonna be interesting. My friends and
I are Pagans and the majority of the folks turning out are
Christian. Im not worried about that.Madison is a famously
diverse university town... Not a lot of religious friction
in my experience. I'm just wating to see how my friends'
significant others((nonpagans)) behave during our time at
the vigil. One significant other is prone to bitching and
whining when she gets bored or can't relate. I hope she
doesn't get an attack of the "selfies" when she's there
with us. It's gonna be cold out and it's gonna be a long
night but I can't wait.