Steve L

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2003-01-23 02:12:20 (UTC)

The fuck up world we all live in

We all live in a fuck up world unless u have money
and all ways can just do want u want even ppl like that
think the life is fuck up. I know my life is not as bad a
some ppl but u have to look every ones life is fuck up in
some part of there life. well of me right now is pretty
fuck up I do not care what u may think. I hate this mother
fuicking place I can not stand it I have to many problems
and ppl just like to add more. Then I think I get a brake
and what happen that get all fuck up. I try and be nice but
all I get it a big slap in the face out off no where I
thing it is my falt but not sure. heck if god was really I
think he is just playing a game see how long it will the
human rase last witch I think it will be not too long from
now. But to every one god is a thing that alway helps well
he is not helpen me any. The first time I acculy like a
girl for who she was and she was cool but then I get mest
over. I can not stand this ppl are stupid I can not take
this shit. I get judje by ppl I do not even know how the
hell u going to do that unless ur racies or some shit like
that. All I have to say is fuck this place of hell. I just
hate most of the ppl I know and do not care for alot of ppl
any more. I will never trust any of u mother fucker out
there that are like o he sound cool and then want to fuck
my life who the fuck do u think u are. the only one I know
that I care most about is a girl that I went out with and
got dump by but I know that was going to happen so I did
not mind. So lizzie I will aways love u. there a still alot
of mother fucking bitches out there who like to make shit
up and tell ppl just for laughts. Now if it was my choose
they would all be burning in hell.

well to next time I will say fuck all u ppl