Life as I know it.
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2001-09-14 17:43:13 (UTC)

we're one but we're not the same

How about Im such in a U2 mood?

Anyway the past couple of days have been a blur, the
actions of what occured here in America on Tuesday have
overtaken most of my life. Classes are going good. Fucked
Matt Wednesday night here at my place, I dont think I can
ever listen to the bouncing souls without thinking of
having sex with him=0/ And it sucks cause i iknow he is
gonna be at the show in October, so m gonna be watching the
bouncing souls and i know he is gonna be there, and all im
gonna be like is "i wonder if we could have sex in the
bathroom". Ugh not good, see im over the relationship
thing now I just need to get over this sex thing. GRRR I
piss myself off half the time. Well anyway last night I
went to Phi Sig with Jen, Randi, Rayanna, and Celeste and a
good time was had by all. IT's funny, you think frat party
you think us hooking up...right? No way. We're all
juniors and seniors so we know all about that frat, plus
we're friends with the guys and so no hooking up ensued,
except jen stole these mardi gras beads from some freshman
pledge boy...hahahahah. Then Jen and I went to Taco Bell,
ate some food met some cool guys, then we all went home to
our own places. Lindsay the dork that she is didnt end up
going to that party, im trying to get a hold of her to see
what the fuck she did last night but alas she is sleeping,
evethough she has to be at work in 20 mins. And im talking
to Travis right now, talk about blast from the past....i
havent talked to him in over a year, he wants me to party
with him tonight.....basically he wants to fuck me tonight
is whats going on. Bah I'd rather be out with my friends.
Thats how I know im back to my old self, I would rather be
with my friends than a boy. He is like trying to convince
me to go to the bar with him...LOL. THis is funny. Such
is life. Now will I get a piece of ass toinght? Oh what
made my day yesterday was that earlier in he afternoon I
decided to go shopping for Hello Kitty stuff and found this
awsome shower curtain and i also found one for my friend
Lara whose birthday is less than two weeks away, cause she
loves Hello Kitty as much, if not more, than I do. I also
won $20 on a scratch off ticket. WOOHOO. So tonight
should hopefully be an interesting diary entry, if not
saturday im almost positive it will be, since the
aforementioned party boy from another entry (luke) parties
where im going to be at saturday. So who knows what this
weekend will bring?