2003-01-23 01:28:39 (UTC)

Life is sukin now

Well i just found out some shit about mah ahem boyfriend
and it's not going along to long... ya cory u were rite,
and i knew u were rite. Im not gunna say what's going on
cuz like i'm not suppose to tell anyone about dis shit.
Jake, mah god, ur like mah bestest friend rite now, u have
no fuckin idea, ur da best. If i didn't have u, i would be
in a total fucked up world. (well i am already but hey)
Nin i'm sorry that i totally like ditched the subject
about me and him not dating just seeing each otha n shit.
that's all. and troy, god i hope u do kick his mofo ass,
or at least attempt to. lol love ya. Ian im sorry that i
made u pissed off that ive been going out with him. I
didn't mean to hurt u and troy's feelings. Ok i'm out for
today,.,.,.,. yep buh bye
~da bitch~

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