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2003-01-23 01:21:44 (UTC)

First Entry

hey, this is my first entry, just wanted to see how this
thingy was working. grrr, i hate finals. tomorrow i have
spanish. i think i'll do pretty good on it. today i had
world history and math. i messed up really bad on ms
chrisman's dumb geometry final. AAAH. I HATE GEOMETRY!


erik is having his 17th birthday this saturday. he's
having a pool party... in the middle of january. haha, fun
times. but we're going to heat the water so it's all good.
it's kinda funny too because he's inviting like 25 girls
and about 10 guys. they guys are going to have a blast.
well, this friday me and juli are going bathing suit
shopping at the mall. i can't wait i can't wait! i'm her
pet goat now! (haha hey juli, are you still a vegetarian?)

well, other stuff:
hmmm... i cannot study anymore, nothing is soaking in. i
studied all weekend with alana at cafe 1134. we started
losing our minds! aaah, finals need to end.

oh yea, fidelio is coming up tomorrow. i'm not going to
go. i'm going someplace else, hehe, it's going to be a lot
of fun, funner than an opera anyway...

today this boy wrote me a note and put it in my backpack
during break. it was kind of scary. it said that
he "watched me". weird... well, he is a pretty scary guy,
i don't like him very much.

anyway, i need to go meet my friend to review some good
old español! bye! -dan

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