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2003-01-23 01:18:01 (UTC)

2 Frat Guys and a Graphing Calculator

from my journal
22 January 2003

I was in the library here at Virginia Tech today, and I
witnessed this scene. Nothing I am writing here is an
exaggeration. I would have a lot more faith in humanity in
general if I was exaggerating in this account, but
unfortunately, I am not.

Scenario: 2 frat guys sitting at a table working with
graphing calculators

Guy #1: “This stupid thing won’t graph. It’s a simple
equation but the dumb fucking calculator keeps
saying ‘Invalid Graphing Range.’ It will only graph if I
use, like, the biggest range of all time.”

After several minutes of examining the calculator screen:

Guy #2: “Here’s your problem, you have the minimum X value
set higher than the maximum X value.”

How did these clowns find the library in the first place?