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2003-01-23 01:14:39 (UTC)

Moral Superiority and Judgement

from my journal
20 January 2003

This idea of moral superiority that most, if not virtually
all people foster is completely farcical, as far as I’m
concerned. There has yet to be discovered any grounds,
objective or otherwise, upon which a person can be judged
to determine his overall quality or worth. This is because
THERE IS NO JUDGEMENT. Contrary to what followers of any
organized religion or subscribers to certain, but not all,
philosophies would have others believe, there exists no
universal method of judging the value of a person’s soul,
be it prior to, concurrent with, or after death. To some,
acceptance of this conclusion leads to a question along the
lines of “What is the purpose of life, then, if not to be
judged based on one’s performance therein and rewarded or
punished accordingly?” To others, myself included,
acceptance of this conclusion points directly to another:
life has no purpose that is universally applicable. We are
alive for a period of time, we choose a purpose or multiple
purposes for ourselves, we may or may not fulfill
that/those purpose(s), and we die. End of story. Most
people who choose a purpose do so unconsciously. For
example: “raise a family and provide for them as best as I
can.” It is, therefore, easy to see how people are so
willing to subscribe to a certain organized religion, more
often than not the one practiced by one’s parents.
Moreover, it is easy to see not only why Christianity is so
popular among westerners, but also why it was created in
the first place. No matter what a Christian does, he can
be forgiven. Violence, disobedience, theft, drunkenness,
homosexuality, extramarital sex, and women’s rights are
condemned throughout the Old and New Testaments. What
could be more perfect for white males 2000 years ago who
were in the position to influence others, lacked modern law
enforcement techniques, and feared change in the unknown?