Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-01-23 01:08:09 (UTC)

Song - "Maybe Never Again"

Don't try to read this as a poem, it doesn't work. Yeah,
there's a melody to it, and kudos to you if you can figure
it out, but I'm mainly just posting it for the hell of it.

Sometimes if you look hard enough you’ll see
There ain’t nothing left in this place but vanity and sin
I guess I’ve made it by with the help of two deaf ears
And a few lucky breaks that I might never talk about again

You can go years without realizing just who you are
I was in Camden, New Jersey one night when it all came
I had to pull over to the curb, my eyes were getting numb
Should’ve kept on going if what I’ve heard is true

These days when I look up, I couldn’t tell you what I see
I just can’t seem to find a good thing that will last
If you wait long enough, everybody’s chances of survival
are zero
Sure I’ve got some dirt on my shoes, but that’s all in the

Sure enough, that night in New Jersey turned out alright
But I never thought I’d make it off the turnpike by dawn
Got caught up in some trouble that’s probably best left
Besides, that night and that man are both dead and gone

Things have always seemed too easy, but I’m not gonna
Sometimes everybody’s gotta fight a battle they can’t win
And you know everybody’s got something on everybody else
So if you think you’re safe, well you’d better just think

Well me and the boys, we probably got a bit too cocky that
It’s never very long until someone sees you sitting in the
Well the cops let me go, I was born with an alibi
The other gentlemen weren’t so fortunate, I’m afraid