Life In Munchkin Land
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2003-01-23 01:05:42 (UTC)


Life.... My life lately hasn't been the greatest. I have
friends lying to me, people saying things about me that
aren't true, guys pushing me away all the time..for no
reason at all..What the hell is wrong with me? I know Im
no beauty queen but im not ugly either..Nothing ever seems
to work out for me..Knowing the guy i like the most doesnt
even realize it...He so blind about it its pathetic..He
says he cares but I know he doesnt...Its all a lie to
get "some". I wish just once in my life i could find
someone who actually cares about me....HAH! I guess I'll
be wishing till I die..I will never find anyone..Ive been
hurt so many times I dont think that I can go on
anymore...I think im gonna go with my first plan and live
a life of solitude free from the harsh outlandish world in
which i live..Im tired of the ridcule of others and the
constant put downs that are forced upon me but my low life
peers...Well....that is all...bye

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