dip me in honey and throw me to the lesb
2001-02-19 00:27:18 (UTC)

I don t get this diary..

I don't get this diary system...i don't know, i think i'm
just having a stupid day...


i forgot my dog was outside...he was outside four an hour
in the cold weather...i feel so bad...

my site, won't take my
pictures...i'm so pissed off...of course, the ppl at my
other diary can't know that, as if any of them actually
visit my site!

actually, to tell you the truth, the day i put it in my
diary, on january 20th, i had the most hits i've ever
gotten...pretty sad huh?


oh, yeah, i now offer free email to ne1 whose can easily go to or to sign up...pretty cool,
huh? yeah, i'm pretty cool! lol

i think i should probably go now! how do you view your own
entries? can you leave notes and stuff? i don't
know...huh...o well...

come to my site...

~your favorite lover~