Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-01-23 00:06:41 (UTC)

not worth a title

today is really not that good of a day. it started on
yesterday, me and my g/f got into a fight and i said some
things i seriously shouldn't have. i said some things
partaining to my ex g/f so now lindsey thinks i still have
feelings for her. and now, lindsey told me she is kinda
trying to hold back on her love for me. she is going to
break up w/ me i fucking no it. i am a worthless peice of
shit, i fuck up everything. yall who read this might just
think, "well this guy is sweet and nice". no. thing is i am
a fuck up. i fuck up everything; and now, i have most
likely screwed myself out of seriously the best thing i
have ever had. Lindsey is my life, and now, i won't have
one. i don't blame her for wanting to stop loveing me, i am
an ass hole. i have been treating her bad for a while now,
and for no damn reason. i vote myself the worst b/f EVER.
and i am serious. lindsey is the sweetest BEST person i no,
she is fucking gorgeous, smart as hell, halarious, just
simply the best person i no. and now, i am gonna loose her.
and i need to in some way, she seriously deserves so much
better than me. and i have never been moer serious about
that in my life. take the imaginary cartoon charactor
Prince Charming, make him human, the add every good trate
in a b/f and multiply it by the largest number in the
universe, and u get the person lindsey deserves. me, there
isn't a charactor n any story. he is lower than anyone
there is, i am fucking worse than any person alive. there
isn't more for me to say. i am gonna go pray now(those who
no me will get the whole impact of this). pray that lindsey
fogives me, that i don't ever loose her, cause then, not
even god can help me. wish me luck please.

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