my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-01-22 23:51:59 (UTC)

stop touching my fat

i was is such a good mood today. i was great. i hate b-
days but i made the best of it and rich said i looked hott
so that was kewl. nothing to exciting happened....i
stratened liz's hair in food and nut.... that is more of a
beauty salon reather than a food class it is so funny. ok
so it is so fucking cold out it isnt even right. everytime
you step out the door your boogers freeze instantly. ok so
the but ride home was fun it flew by. jason would not stop
poking at my leg fat and paco had an endless convesation
about my boots. oh and we came to the conclusion that if
jason matt and sunny all miixed there sperm together and
inmplanted it into me (well if you could really mix them)
that it would be on bad ass kid. it would be super skater
(that is a little bit of jay and sunny) no one would be
afraid ofhim he would kick anyones ass who messed with him
(matt) and it would be fearless about anything would try
everything in his power to do(jason). and it would be bad
ass like......well ok so then jason choked himself
with my scarf and turned blue and his face got all puffy
and shit it was kinda funny but not really b/c well just
b/c it was kinda freaky. then i came home and ate some
food got screamed at by ass hole and then went to sleep
for like 2 hrs. then i woke up and i did nothing. i shaped
my eye brows and yeah one of them looks kinda funny.
(CORNDOGS) HAHA MOTHA FUCKA!!! no mater what i do they
look like corn dogs oh well what are ya gonna do right? ok
so yeah marks mother is coming well actually she is here
right now for dinner. i hate dinner time so much i am like
the freak child who no one likes. ughhhh i hate it so much
here. i can not wate untill august then i am outta here!
so yeah the time is growing closer soon i will have to go
up stairs and put on a fake act like oh yeah i love both
of them. yuck i hate it! i have so much home work it isnt
good at all. but sence i took a nap i will be able to stay
up tonigh and do it. things are moving on nicely wohoooo 4
me!!!!! k im out
listing to: 9/11 songs for power point project
fucking god that was rediculouse. i didnt say one word and no one
asked me if anything was wrong. ok i dont reallly care. "OH MARK
AND OWVER AGAIN. no one cares he is doing it to make himself look
good dont you get it? ughhhh!!!! no one is on and i have no idea why
it is bothering me i need to talk to someone and act homosexual and
cheeer myself up. yeah right like that is gonna happen.
watching: will and grace

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