~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-01-22 23:03:29 (UTC)

Josh Skiing

January 22
I'm so estatic, Friday is my last day of high school
forever! You cannot understand how much PM sucks unless
you go there. It is a nightmare. Well, it will soon be
all over.
Today I went to school, well sort of, I left at 10:00
because I just didn't feel like being there anymore. Yeah
and the attendance lady still won't let me leave without my
mothers permission. Funny how I turn 18 and it is harder
for me to get out of school then it was before. Yeah so I
didnt even go and see her today I just left.
I'm so excited, it's almost Febuary and then I get to have
Michelle's fun birthday present. She is just going to
die. Not only is the present that good (which we all know
it is because I'm the best present giver ever) I also had
to plan (not one of my strong points, it's much more fun to
not plan...hmm maybe thats why I never actually get around
to doing anything).
Work was so great last night. I got feet and hand
warmers, oh I was so very nice and toasty. So after my
lesson Josh decides that he wants to ski so we go in and I
give him my boots. I can't even describe how funny it was
to watch him try to walk in them, you had to be there to
see it yourself. So we finally made it down to the learning center
(that was an interesting walk)and he puts on the skis and
it was just so cute and funny all at the same time. He
was so bad, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in
my entire life. Well he finally turns and makes it to
Coolmore, yay Josh. I dont even know how he was sitting
on the lift, it was like he had his board but no he had
skis on, so great. Then Carissa and I see him coming
down, I thought I was going to die laughing, it was the
best thing ever. So we go inside and Josh is rubbing my
back (hes so good at it, i want to marry him) and then we
got like a million and one comments about how cute we are
together (im guessing its because of the short thing) and he
didn't say anything and I didn't say anything but yeah you
know how it is. So there goes my "Stay away from people
crazy enough to work at Camelback" thing. He was just so cute on
those skis... oh well. I cant wait until tomorrow, College and then
Carissa and I teach a class together and I get to see Josh, yay.