My So Called Life
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2003-01-22 22:48:36 (UTC)


This really sucks the big one!!! I'm sick of being stuck
in my house. You know when you're at school and you just
want to be at home sleeping...Well I think I'd rather be at
school then sitting here doing nothing...I think this could
quite possibly be the most boring day of my life! Save
me...come see something, I don't deserve to be put
through this hell. Now I know that we aren't having school
for the rest of the week! Oh joy I get to do this for 2
more days. Right whenever I decide I'm ready to go back to
school look what happens, just my luck. All I want to do
is see my friends...see my bf!! As everyone knows American
Idol is on tonite along with the Bachlorette so ya know if
ya'll get bored drop by...since I can't go newhere and you
can watch it with me. To make my day even better my mom
just handed me my phone bill, for 130'm I
supposed to be paying for that thing? I'M BROKE...Maybe
I'll start the "Erin's dead if she doesn't make some money
fund" and you can donate!! Well guys you all have fun
doing...well whatever your gonna do. I'm going to go see
my boy. Lata.