The Bowel Movement
2001-09-14 16:02:01 (UTC)

"Crap on This" - a new album

*sighs* This whole world is going to hell. Goodbye my bathroom!
Goodbye my toilet paper! Goodbye my little flusher thingy! I will
miss you all. *looks around the room* *Laughs embarrased*
Yeah...right.... so moving on.....

Life has been pretty hectic the past few days. Even after being
brought back to life, hoping it would be a lot better then the first, I
find that it isn't. What is this world coming to? I get another chance
to be with Helen... er.... never mind. Forget I said that. I get another
chance to be with the Bowel Movement, even though I'm still a little
mad for Muppy killing me, but I was suppose to be happy. I was
brought back to this piece of crap world to be with them, and now
its all going to fall apart.

But WAIT! What kind of band are we if we can't make what's left of
this world a better place?? Maybe the show will still go on! I'll get
everyone together, we'll make a new CD, entitled "Crap On This!"
and dedicate it to all those damn terrorist who destroyed this
country. I think the number one song from that album will be
called "To the Dump with You." Yeah. That sounds good. I'll get us
an even better contract then before, and before you know it, we'll
be famous again!

I love this idea! Damn! I have to take a shit! Oh, well. I'll have more
time to think about it while I'm on the pot. I'll keep you posted on
my new idea! Go Bowel Movement!!!!