Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-14 16:01:28 (UTC)


okay so today wasnt exactly the best day ever, i mean
during the 3 minute silence, which no one noticed was
broken after about 10 seconds by the person sitting across
from me, which resulted in me getting punched in the, well,
lets just say it hurt, a lot! Arent people at school nice
to me....^^
anyways, somehow after that i did manage to observe the
silence and stuff, despite the natural urge to yelp out in
It kinda set up for an extremely nice day, and kinda
pointed out to myself how allergic to pain i really am^^,
thankfully the last incident happened just before lunch
break, i got caught in the eye with a jacket.

After that well , the only problem was my best friend, who
i will not name cause no one who reads this knows me knows
me, and well, wont really care anyway, was in one of his
gay weird moods, which didnt really help the fact that for
some reason certain people get the idea that i'm gay, which
i can definately say i am not, not that these peoples
opinions matter.

Its one of those weird things , i dont really care what
people think, but when certain people get a negative view
of you, and keep showing it and stuff, it still hurts

Anyway, looks like my nostradamus thing i added yesterday
was kinda pointless, cause it looks like most people have
fallen for the old fake email. I mean its a mean thing to
do in a time like this , but it shows that that was what so
many people wanted to believe, everyone wanted to believe
that this was gonna be the 3rd world war. Thats a long way
off from happening, so next time, people, and i'm not
talking to like everyone here, just certain people. Try and
be a little optimistic next time, and dont automatically
think the worst, i mean the internet is filled with frauds
and stuff, and i think this is all a sign that we need to
be more careful about what we immediately believe, but at
the same time, we have to know who we can trust

Till next time, So long