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of the last
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2003-01-22 21:42:01 (UTC)

my birthday: sick and not liking it

so ive been sick now for like a week. i thought it was just
asthma, but since now the inhalers dont work for shit, im
thinking its something else. cause i just in general feel
like crap. but no one has to know this, cause if they do,
then i cant hang out with people which would SUCK ASS cause
its my birthday. i saw winnie today after sucking on both
midterms. she brightened my day to the enth degree just by
being herself. im head ofer heels in love with her. she got
CRUNCHY BOOK O' FUN 2! both presents are awesome. even
though about a year ago i hated sum 41, but now theyve
become less sucky and actually have semi decent lyrics. so
it was a good day. we went to rocky run to meet some people
and share a lunch. then off to drop people off and let
winnie drive around. she gives herself less credit than she
deserves. shes smarter than she thinks and shes also a good
driver. though she thinks the opposite of both things. ahh
but then i had to drop her off at home, and then cough and
cough and cough and cough and couhg. but then i came home
and attempted to make egg drop soup. it didnt taste too
bad. and once i get all the ingredients im gonna make some
general tsos chicken. cause i got a cook book cause im a
DORK! which in todays society is supposedly crap. the world
puts down those who are actually dedicated to something. no
matter what it is, everyone puts down another just for
their hobbies and likes. jocks make fun of nerds for being
smart, goths make fun of the social even though they are
social in their own groups contradicting themselves, the
punks make fun of everyone for numerous reasons even though
one of the things about punks is to accept everyone. its
fucked up like that. i mean everyone makes fun of the
others, i think most of the reasons is for jealousy or
envy, i mean jocks making fun of nerds, is it cause they
hate the nerds, or is it that they wish they cuold also be
smart and do well in school. other times its not for
jealousy or envy, just ignorence. ignorence kills this
world in more ways than one. and yet i myself make fun of
everyone and everything. which is further proving my point,
im unsure of why i do it, weather im envious, ignorent, or
socially want something, or i dont even know what. and im
sure that most people dont know why they truly make fun of
others. and yet we all do it. the world is a sick twisted
world that we live and dwell in for the better or for the
worst. so i leave myself with this one thought, does the
world (people in it) know its own faults, and if not, who
is to point it in the right direction? certainly no one on
this planet.

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