Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-01-22 21:24:57 (UTC)


So I'm already skipping my first class but it really is for
a good reason. I have a fairly bad headache right now and
with the weather switching so drastically it could easily
become a migrane, so perhaps it is best that I just sit in
my room and rest. I ordered some fun products from CCB-
Paris today, a eyeshadow, clay mask, and a brightnening
cream. And all for only $14.50 with shipping...because i
got one item for free and everything was 50% off so you
really can't beat that. And its all from Paris so its
bound to be really good and Geoff swears by it. The
illuminating cream of his goes "missing" all the time. So
I can't wait for that to get here...splurge a bit since I
had such a shitty weekend. Well thats all for now...not a
really intresting entry but I felt like typing.

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