~*have you ever made out in dark hallway
2001-02-18 23:36:57 (UTC)

For my online diary I have a..

For my online diary I have a lot of things to say. I know
that my life is boring. I have a lot of friends and some
of them i dont like very much. I have one named *x, she
is a very needy person she has to be the center of
attention, and i have another friend named *f shes cool but
we dont hang out much, i mean she is a really cool person
but she is annoying. I have another named *W she is awesome
i recently became better friends with her. Last year she
and i had our differences but now we are cool, and my
friend *G is cool to, me W and G always hang out together
and our friend *x doesnt like it cuz shes not the center of
attention. I cant stand it. I cant deal with her shit
anymore. My mother doesnt want me hanging out with her and
I dont want to tell her that so im kinda confused with
that....BUT not as confused as i am about guys. I like a
lot of guys, especialu one named *U hes awesome, my friends
used to like him but not anymore, my friends are now after
*J, which Im kinda happy about cuz i dotn want U to come
between me and my friends. but *J is coming between them
which is kinda sad, but they still are cool with eachother..
(sometimes) i hate being in the middle cuz their both my
friends but it sux. Well I'll make like a fetus and head