taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-01-22 20:20:49 (UTC)

An Inspiring Peice of Work. (origionally titled "There is something to be said about Inspiration...")

As the mainstream would say..... I JUST WANNA GIVE MY PROPS
to inspiration and what it means to the creative process in
producing some form of art; in my current situation,
writing a diary entry. Here I am, rip-raring to go. Bring
it on! Give me an issue and I will tear it apart!!

In the distance, the chirping of crickets can be heard...

Ahhh yes, inspiration. It has made millionaires, murderers,
and movements, but where is the credit. It's great that
picasso painted a bunch of shapes and figures that art
interpreters seemingly have a feild day with. So what. I'm
not a big Picasso follower, I basically know nothing
besides the obvious about him, but what if that specific
event that inspired him to do what he did never occured?

So with that in mind, I'd just like to extend my gratitude to
the unsung hero of all things creatively created. Three
cheers for inspiration!

Once again, it has bailed me out.