listen to my silences
2003-01-22 20:08:46 (UTC)

pointless entry really, i'm just bored

today was...good i guess. nothing out of the ordinary. i
have to buy another book. bleah. i'm tired of spending
money on books. they're ridikalus (lol to those who know
how i say it!) anyways. oh well no choice really.

my math quiz i thought i did bad on i got an a on, so that
was cool. and i got an a on my polysci quiz. and i think
on the one i turned in today in there.

wc-boring. this is the class that i already bought nine
books for and i have to buy one more.
math-cool. love the professor. already talked about today
in there though. oh and it was picture day in there. that
was fun.
thtr-yeah whatever is basically my thoughts on it.
polysci-already talked about.
rel-i'm finding peace in this class. security. and i'm
finding the truth that i once knew. with the help of a
certain someone of course. it's easier to be accountable
to someone else than to myself.
hkss-haven't had it yet today, it's tonight at six. i have
to wear exercise clothes is what she said. i mean we all
do. so yeah...we'll see. still have reading to do in it...

k well that's it i guess. later.

final thought: ever think that yesterday was and will
forever be the only best day of your entire life?