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2003-01-22 19:42:20 (UTC)

oh what a day

today was SUCH a melillo day.
but first! we had our health/driver's ed exam. i got a 92,
which kinda sucks cause i wanted an A, but i'll get over
it. what really bothers me isthat my semester grade for
health (not drivers ed) is a 93.96! and the friking guy
(moody) refuses to round it up! i think that's totally not
cool.....i mean i can see if it was like a 93.5 or even a
93.7 or something but this is a .96!!!!!! argg i was in
such a bad mood after 1st period. but i got over it, of

so the melillo part of today was awesome. we were'nt really
doing anything in history, we were supposed to be looking
up the terms on the review sheet, but who wants to do that?
that's no fun. i'm not really gonna repeat every single
word melillo said, although i would if i could remember it
all. ill just skim over the highlights. for one thing, he
insulted me (as always) quite a few times. nothing new
there. and he hit me, in the face, like 4 times (not hard,
of course) so i told him i was gonna sue him for child
abuse. but then i left my notebook in his room when i went
to 6th period, so he comes in the chrous room calling my
name.....he said if it was anyone else he wouldn't have
brought it so i felt special. anyway, a lot more cool
things went on in 4th period, but it was just a really
funny class all around. and i was starting to miss the
melillo schpiels, so it's good that we had one today.

ok well i have spanish and math exams tomorrow, and i
definetely havent even started studying for either yet so i
guess i should go do that.....

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