Antonio Bonds

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2001-09-14 11:31:26 (UTC)

My Eleven Woodsprite Faeries(T.lawz)

1. I will always do what love would do.

2. I will always say and do what I want to say and do.
Unless I do not want to.

3. I will always realize that nothing is as is seems, yet
it is exactly what it is. Period.

4. What I say will be true when I say it. It will not be
yesterday's or tommorow's thoughts.

5. I will never apologize. Unless I'm sorry.

6. Once in my life... you will be put out not by MY doing.

7. I will change this world TOTALLY. Or leave it.

8. I must remember that it is just a game. And I made up
the board and rules.

9. What is mine is mine......unless it is not. Then it
isn't. Who says I can't make one just the same tho'?

10. I must remember that EVERYONE ELSE makes up there own
board and rules to their game too. And I cannot play or
modify a rule without their permission.

11. Same deck of cards. I prefer spades. You prefer poker.
Same deck of cards.

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