My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-22 19:03:35 (UTC)

One of the most boring days.....

Well, not too much has happened today. I was late getting
out of bed again... what else is new, huh? Anyway, with the
luck I've been having with not missing class, I still
manage to make it to my first class on time. That's really
pathetic if you ask me... but oh well. At least I really
don't have to worry about being late at all.
I got the main page of my website done last night...
there's still no links, and I'll think I'll work on it
during my break. There's not that much I can do in terms of
backgrounds on this computer since all that stuff is saved
on my computer at home. I'll start putting my entries on
there today though.
For once, I reall don't have anything else to say. I keep
running into people at school... from high school... Julie
Kaulkein (sp?)... I saw her on Monday....
I'll post more when there's something exciting that happens
in my life!


*here's something that I'll start doing... I'll look for fortune
cookie sayings and give you all one a day... here's today's: If today
is the first day of the rest of your life, what the hell was

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