Nick's Journal
2003-01-22 18:55:12 (UTC)

The Assassins

I read about some group of assassins that live (i think)
during the byzantine empire. anyhow, there was this
sultan who trained them by kidnapping them and reducing
them to infants. which basically means he tortured and
abused them and deprived them of every necessity that they
lost all touch with reality and withdrew into themselves.
basicaly he took maslow's pyramid (or whatever it's
called) and worked his way down instaed of up. by making
these captives very aware of their physiological needs he
reduced them to the infantile state where you pretty much
just function on your bio-survival circuit, which
translates into "where's momma's nipple?".
so really the brilliant thing he did was he allowed his
minions to inflict all of this pain and reduce them to
this state and then he would step in after a certain
period of time adn act like a father to them. he would
feed them and take care of them, and then he would tell
them he was going to show them paradise. which basically
meant he gave them some drugs that caused them to
hallucinate.....then put them in this garden especially
built for this purpose with a bunch of really hot big-
tittied girls around. they of course copulate with the
fellow and he'd be having a grand old time (mind you just
a couple of days ago he was at the worst he's ever been
at). so then when he comes down the sultan dude says,
now.....either you are an assassin for me and for your
duties you will be under my wing and get this shit all the
well needless to say they pledged loyalty like nobody's
business, and these men then became the most feared
assassins of our time due to their utter willingness to do
anything to accomplish their assigned task. their
ruthlessness was unmatched and their depravity knew no
limits, killing and maiming where they went they reigned having said this, i believe that the
secretaries at the business college here are members of
this secret society of assassins. what other reason woudl
the be for their utter ruthlessness? their depravity?
look all i want is a sheet to force add a class, not some
cold-ass stare and derogatory comment of wellllllll, maybe
if you had added it earlier...........
and boy howdy if you step in there around lunch time you
WILL understand the meaning of pain. i walked in just as
they were throwing themselves on a helpless dominoe's
pizza like a pack of rabid wolverines. there is juts no
way you'll get any help during that time.
but my day will day will come.....when i
force-add...or not cos all of the senior business majors
around here are freakin' out and taking all of my classes
from me.