my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-22 18:43:29 (UTC)


i am so into music. last night (tuesday??) at beccas i was
gonna burn some songs cuz she already had them but
somethign was wrong with her f drive steph had done
something(silly head) so i couldn't but i sat and listened
to lots of vanessa carlton songs and wow she has some great
songs! i really liked them. like. the prince song and
fantasy.. something i dont know but i liked them and i love
how she has piano in like *all* her songs. that is so cool
cause i love piano. lol. yea.... i think im going to start
askin mrs judy(piano teacher) for different sheet music to
songs i like. i asked for i can only imagin(mercy me) but
the place she gets music from didnt have it at the time she
was gonna ask again but i haven't talked to her since last
week so i dont know. i kinda want to ask for beautiful.
cause i like it so much. man. i have advice. if you have to
pee and you've been asleep and then you keep waking up but
going back to sleep... GET UP AND GO PEE lol. i dothat
every morning and by the time i go to the bathroom im like
ready to explode lol. of course also every morning i ignore
my alarm clock... i re-set it and also this is a different
one. so now its only 20 minutes ahead instead of 45-50
minutes ahead. andthe alarm is real quiet lol and theres no
choice to make it louder or radio... so yea its real easy
to sleep through it. it mnust be for soft sleepers or
whatever its called. im washin clothes... and trying to
figure out if i want some of the soup steph made. it's so
hot! i mean spicy. but i want some because besides that it
was good. just have to have lots of water.. which is good
because i don't drink much and much less do i drink water
or milk. i can't just drink milk. i have to have a reason
like cookies, chocolate, something that makes me want milk.
so, i wish i made cookies more often so i would drink milk
more often. im gonna have osteoprosis when i get older. or
however you spell it. i really dont know. im a horrible
speller, plus i use wors like "u, n, ur," u know
the "slang" or whatever its called... shortened words.
lol. any way i am hungry. im goin to starve if i do not
eat so guess what im goin to go do? yes your right *yay*
for you! im going to go and EAT goodbye.
p.s. ok now im thinkign osteoprosis is some arthritis. it
doesnt sound like the milk deficency disease i was thinkin
of i dont know. calcuim that was it is u lack calcium and i
really think its osteoprosis but i dont know. i dont think
i spelled deficency right either. SEE i said my spelling
was bad. lol...pitiful really. but then my sister steph was
help liz the younger sis with her homework and she told her
to spell favorite "favorate" and she said "Michele!! how do
you spell favorite?" i said(i was in the living room she
was in the kitchen) "F-A-V-O-I-T-E why??" and she started
laughing and said she told liz how to spell it wrong..
pitiful.. .she's in college. lol. ciao

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