Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-22 18:39:02 (UTC)

What a Day11

Well,today everything is fine and a lot of thoughts are
running through my head.I'm trying to catch them but the
run and run further....
I was in a sleepy mood and all this pushed me into
thinking and focusing my mind on things from past.I finally
got the conclusion my past doesn't matter as long as I'm
leaving my long as i'm different..AS LONG AS
People can say I'm acting strange and I will never
complain about them saying this.I really act strange for they act strange for me.I know I love them but
I'm not sure of their love.
Starting with today,I decided there is gonna be a major
change in my life.I'll learn to welcome the days
serenely ....if i squirm like that and get sad I cannot
change anything.I was always a cheerful and smiling person
and now it's time to show it.I love dancing so I won't be
afraid to dance anymore...even if I'm not so good at it I
just do it in my way and it brings happiness to me.
I won't be afraid to tell my friends I love them and
they mean anything to me.I won't forget anymore about
anything and life will go on.
It wasn't easy until now either but now is time for me
to grow up a little bit more.Now it's time to remember
about my childhood and smile.
Now it's time for me to smile and everything will go on
from itself.
Even when times will be tough,there is always someone
thinking of me and I found it out.I don't care I don't know
who is that person.Maybe the time to find out his or her
identity hasn't arrived yet hehe....
Until then,i have my great friends that never let me
down and i have my enemies who'll never forget me hahahaha
There's a really true quote"treat your enemies as if
they were your friends..nothing would annoy them more" see you tomorrow and watch me dance .
My trust is in Angelo,my guardien angel who always
helped me,My trust is in God,who always forgives me and my
trust it's in my happiness which will come one day and make
me a surprise.......
LOVE and SMILES help me a lot and now i'm sure....I'm
the same little Ruxy.......and I will always be.....
The little strong Ruxy,that loves and helps anyone.....
May god help me from now on and may my life be full of
serenity because this is the thing I most accept
it....still praying...