Squeeb's world
2003-01-22 18:00:18 (UTC)

Make me cry why dontcha?

K, why do I ever doubt that I am Kim's best friend and that
she loves me? Cuz I am an idiot? She sent me the most
beautiful card today and this is what it said:
"I think I would become filthy rich if I created a machine
that would allow me to clone you. I would create a billion
"yous" (not the real you, but "like yous") and send them all
over the world so that others could experience having
someone so wonderful in their lives. Cash would flow in.
There would be letters for people thanking me and giving me
personal testimonies on how their lives have been enriched
ever since they received a "like you" clone. They'll say
they never met anyone like you, never had a friend like you.
People will comment on how caring and sincere the clones
are, how helpful, how generous and how sweet. It would make
me feel so good to know that I could share a good person and
friend like you with the entire world. YOU are an
irreplaceable, priceless, one-of-a-kind friend and I'm so
glad you're mine"
-D. Derrick Barnes

Yeah so you can see why that made me cry. And people ask me
why I love her so much. There ya go.
Current mood: sappy
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