Restless Comet Diary
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2003-01-22 17:31:40 (UTC)

Hi there

Wah today was a really weird day at school.Alex came
to me and he told me I was right when I told him nothing's
like it was before.I know I was right....and I'm oftenly
right there but noone's asking for my opinion or noone
listens to it...well this is ok and if they dont wanna
listen to me I can't force them to do it.
Dana asked me if I hate her and I really don't
understand why so I told her I don't.She acts really
strange.I said I will do anything to help her but she keeps
on ignoring me.About my problem...I guess I solved
it....coz last night I couldn't sleep and I thought and
thought and thought all over again so I got an idea.I got
the greek guy's phone number from my mom's phone book and I
called him.I told him"Mister,listen...I don't know what you
feel about her,but you're stealing my mom and this is not
fair.What am i supposed to do now?You sent her an
invitation and she's gonna come there.but if I tell her
I'll die without her she won't leave anymore(I'm still not
sure this was true).So the greek said he's gonna send me 100
$/month and he will let my mom call me there to spend my
holiday if I can't go to Canada.
It was right besides me(the solution)I just had to
find everything is OK least from this
point of view.Art school,my principal teacher was really
angry and he started screaming at me and my classmates.He
gave Tache a 3 and Bogdan a 4.....I am not sure why.I was
sleepy all day long because of my pills and because of the
weather.I am even a little bit blur but everything is OK
My grandma bought me some food and she let me cook it
coz she finally noticed I can't eat what she's cooking.She
was wondering why am I so dizzy so I told her I didnt eat
anything for so long......I can't believe she didn't know
it...maybe she never cared...well this is not the at least I'm not hungry anymore and I have
enough time and power to study and do well at the contests.
All I need now is silence...hehe....noone is screaming
at me anymore...or at least I can't hear them.Tomorrow I
have lots of classes and geography class.I guess I gotta
read the lessons again 'coz I can't really remember the
political geography so good.I also have sport class and I
gotta take it coz last time I was feeling bad and my
teacher let me stay on a corner.We got gymnastics this
month.Gymnastics is cool but I like more basketball......
I have a surprise for my mom,I just bought her a
greeting card.There's no special ocasion but I know she
likes them so maybe I make her a bit happier.
Well,this is it for today.....:)

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