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2003-01-22 16:11:04 (UTC)

"Capitalism Stole My Virginity"...

...that famous line, coined by the international noise
conspiracy off their album entitled "A New Morning", has
made a profound impact on me, my life, and my way of
thinking. When first learning of this song and group I had
already begun walking an ideological path that favoured
love, kindness, equality, and humanity over such
monstrosities as big business, globalization, profit, and
greed. This song, which describes how, as innoccent,
unabashed youth, it wasen't in the realm of conceivability
that such unjust entities exisited in a world that beamed
with utopian parallels. However, like an approaching storm
front, reality, at some point, swooped in and reared its
raw fury, what this world is truley capable of. "Capitalism
Stole My Virginity" was a soildifing, clear-cut force,
reafirming what I had already come to know while
additionally instilling within me an urgency, an explosive
burst of democratic wind, filling my sails and deploying,
with unequalled passion, my vessel into the direction of
critical thought and open mind. A direction camoufloged as
best possible by the very ones who discredit creativity and
celebrate the very normal, the mundane, the status-quo. I
invite anyone feeling trapped in a life unto the dreamed
possibilities to listen to, or at least consider listening
to this song, for it embodies something special that
should be enjoyed.

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