Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-22 13:30:48 (UTC)

Last night

Last night my friend Ritchard, you know the one who wants
to be more than a friend, but also claims he's happy with a
friendship. Well, his friend Anna is claiming she wants
a "girlfriend" (gasp). So what does he do, he sets us up
to all hang out and what not. Well, she decides (without
my input) that she wants to go do dinner at The Melting Pot
(you know the type of place you have fondu a pretty
pricey place) and tries to take control of the situation,
but being younger than both Ritchard and me, she really
didn't have much control. She tried to pay for the dinner
whole, $90 without tip, for three people, not bad, but
still. I told her we could split it, by the way I don't
have $50 to spend on dinner. But I do, since she was
trying to show off and be a biggie by paying. I don't know
if she was trying to show off or make me feel inferior or
what, but it pissed me off. She picked the place, time and
people, but I got stuck with half the bill, I know it was
my choice to offer, but, oh well!!!

Maybe she likes me, or something, but she does need
someone, something to help her grow up, be stronger, and
stand on her own two feet.

I don't know.