Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-09-14 06:06:25 (UTC)


I just ate about six cookies. YUCK. This should be a short
one, I'm tired. Played BINGO with some friends tonight,
didn't win. Going out with J tomorrow night, that
should be good :) I leave Saturday morning.
I have to fly across the country, but our flights shouldn't
be affected by all that's been going on.

My heart is with the USA. I spoke to someone briefly in NYC
who works a few
blocks from the WTC. It is definately a little too close to
home for us,
it's a devastationg wake-up call for many. For the past
couple of days
everyone has been glued to the media and we're all in
shock. Still, I can't
help that it bothers me knowing this stuff goes on EVERYDAY
in places so far
away that most of us don't realise how lucky we've been.
We go on and catch
the rest of the news, the constant violence breaking out
in places so
distant hardly has any effect on us.

I'm tired of thinking about it.