The void
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2003-01-22 12:43:37 (UTC)

waste of a day

what a fucking waste of time! i got up for no reason!the
bus was late so i missed my first and only lesson on
wednesdays! so we went to the cafe and had a fry up, but
still, i missed my lesson!i stayed at college for a bit to
mingle with people, i'm making the effort to try and get to
know's hard though,being tyhe shy, quiet one!pah.
listening to hell is for heroes, what a great band. i love
so...philosophy tomorrow,damn it.argh...sociology
tomorrow..nooo.aarrrggghhhhh english tomorrow!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jesus christ.
brrr cold.
i'm jealous of skye!she's got a nice boyfrined thats near
her, she's gorgeous and can make any piece of clothing look
good. she has a job and money and her tongue pierced and
she's so popular with everyone. nothing like me at all.
oh shut up vicky you can't be jealous of your own best
friend! that's so out of order.fuck this i'm off to clear
up my room. the joys of life.

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