just me...
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2003-01-22 10:38:09 (UTC)

school and kris~*

it's funny how things work out. kris, he's an
angel...he's more than i ever could've dreamed of. the
perfect package from heaven above. today started off
pretty crappy...and the course of the day, it was
alrite... nothing too horrible, ya know? and kris... he
does something to me. i stand in the halls, waiting for
him to come walkin along...and as soon as he comes into
sight, my heart jumps...everything disappears, and all i
see is him. then, the instant that he comes and holds me,
everything, i mean everything gets better. for the few
seconds that i'm there in his arms for our "hello hug",
everything is *perfect*!! then i have to let him go
again, not even for that long, but having to let go of him
for any amount of time for any reason at all, is something
i would NEVER do, if it were all up to me. then off to
classes i go...and i'll leave some of my classes wishing
the day were over...or just wishing my teachers
soon as i see kris, it's all all better again... he's made
me the happiest person on the face of this earth. and i
truly do feel so blessed to have him in my life. with
him, i feel things that i've never ever felt in my life!!
sometimes i sit and wonder how it all came to i
came to be the one that he picked...the one lucky gurl.
he makes me feel good about me...he makes me happier than
anyone has ever made me~* i wanna tell him everything i'm
feeling, but it's so hard to put it all into words... kris
is wonderful...