One hell of a life
2003-01-22 09:54:24 (UTC)

1-22-03 entry thirty five

Oh, and Mom's partner from the french restaraunt wants my
picture as the advertisement for the restaraunt. And Mr.
Peet wants Lois and me to be the two girls who show up on
the front page of SIS's website.


I talked to Ben the other day too, it was cool, we
reminisced about all the old times...god damn I miss him
like hell. And Patrick came back today, he just walked into
the room, gave me a big grin and said, "So what's our first

What else...Jeff and Germ have gone forever. I can't
believe it - they've left, it's weird; I've known Jeff for
about three years, and Germ too though not as well, and
suddenly they're both just not here anymore.

It doesn't make sense that the P.O.S is going to keep on
without them.

Oh, and rumors are around that I'm going out with the guy I
take the car home with every day, cause some Korean guys
saw us walking together and thought were were together.
Insane. And definitely not true.

Oh, and today Patrick told us that Andreas and Vivian had
sex when they were going out and Andreas came in 30
seconds. I felt really bad for him.

I think that's everything...oh yeah! Today when we were
watching the guys play soccer, I was watching Allan; he saw
the ball coming, lifted up his leg to kick it and totally
missed and slid onto his back. Lois and I pretended not to
see so he wouldn't get embarassed but I was fucking
laughing my ass off...