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2003-01-22 09:53:33 (UTC)

A stupid man

There is a stupid man I know... Maybe It's not only this
man.. a lot of other men who like this man ... You know?
He has a good wife and 2 kids...His wife works so hard but
because of working so hard so, she doesn't have much time
to take care of him... thus, He has another wife...I
should say he has concubine.... He rents a house and
bought a lot of things for his concubine.. He comes to see
her in the morning everyday but Sunday and Saturday, he
must stay at home with his wife and kids. His concubine
stays alone in a house and she doesn't live in privation
now... I must say This man is too Stupid... you know why?
Because his concubine has her Darling... Her Darling comes
sleep with her at night... his concubine uses his money to
spend on her Darling... while He uses his and wife's money
to give to his concubine. While His wife works hard to
make money for her husband and kids...I wonder why That
bad man can do that? He has a good wife and 2 cute kids..
He should respect that.. If His wife knows he has a
concubine then what will happen? His wife will ask him for
devorced? and Of course, His concubine will not come with
him when there is a lover who comes sleep with her every
night....finally, He will have nothing... No wife.. No
Kids and No family..!!!! I wonder why He didn't tell his
wife that...he needs his wife take care of him and concern
him much more? And why He could has a concubine when he
didn't think what will happen later? I wonder Why there
is a stupid man like that? If he is devorced and he can
find an other girl to be his wife but He can't have
concubine when he has a family....!

I hope There is not any stupid men like that in the

November , 27th, 2002